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Why Minister to Men?

  •  Men have been given the role of spiritual leader of the household.  It is the man's responsibility to lead his family in spiritual matters.

  •  Every man is important: important to Logos, important to the community, important to his family, and important to God.


Men's Ministry Goals


Provide forums that help the men of Logos to be Godly Servant Leaders.

1. Be good examples of what a Godly Servant Leader is in our daily lives, by our works and treatment of others.

2. Provide spiritual teaching sessions through our Annual Male Retreat and monthly

   ministry meetings.

3. Encourage strong participation in Sunday School and Bible Study.


Strengthen relationships between the men of Logos through fellowship.

1. Plan and conduct successful Annual Retreat.

2. Maintain consistency with Quarterly Fellowships.

3. Maintain consistency with monthly meetings.

4. Highlight and participate in church wide activities.


Increase communications and activities with the young men of Logos.

1. Have at least one Quarterly Fellowship planned for the young men.

2. Continue as role models of living examples of Godly men.


Increase participation from more men.

1. Highlight bulletin announcements at least two weeks in advance.

2. Extend personal invitations for all activities to one another.

3. Provide monthly handout listing that month’s activities

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