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Logos Baptist Church History

God is good, and His goodness keeps manifesting itself in so many different ways-especially at Logos Baptist Church and among the Logos family members. We are convinced that God sanctioned this church; He allowed it to be, and He has continuously blessed Logos.

Logos Baptist Church evolved as a result of much prayer for God’s guidance and intervention as many of us were seeking a place to worship. Initially, several of us gathered in the home of Minister Willie and Nyralin Kline for weekly Friday night Bible study. After a few weeks, the group of weekly Bible study attendees had grown such that the Kline residence could no longer accommodate us. Subsequently, a different location was needed, and Minister Rhodes of Cornerstone Baptist Church graciously offered their fellowship hall as a place for the Bible study group to meet. After just a few sessions at Cornerstone, the group realized that even more space was needed. Thus, we began having Bible study at the Rock Round Public Library where we met for only a few short weeks. During the weeks of Bible study, some of God’s people were beseeching Minister Kline to start a church and be the leader of the displaced flock. But, leading a church congregation was not something Minister Kline had considered at the time. However, God had not moved on his heart yet. In the meantime, many saints were praying for God to provide what was needed, and we know that God answers prayer.

With God nudging on his heart and mind, Minister Kline began to pray and seek God’s will for him in the matter. He prayed, and he asked the Bible study group to pray, also, because he said that he wanted to be led by God and not by the wants and wishes of man.
He prayed, and the Bible study group prayed and finally Minister Kline got his answer from God. God answered in the affirmative, and when Minister Kline let the group know that God had led him to move forward in establishing a church, the saints got busy, and God began to move in a mighty way.

Money flowed in generously, a building for worship was found and leased, people donated their time, talents and services. Hence, Logos came to be, and Minister Willie E. Kline became Pastor Willie E. Kline. Also, through prayer, Pastor Kline chose the name Logos, meaning “The Word” in Greek, an appropriate name for our church since Pastor Kline aims to preach and teach God’s word.

The first Church service of Logos Baptist Church took place on Sunday, April 14, 2002, with approximately 140 people in attendance. When the Invitation to Discipleship was extended, 62 people came forth to express their desire to be members of Logos Baptist Church. They received the right hand of fellowship from Pastor Kline and became the founding members of Logos.

From April 14th, 2002, to the present, Logos, meaning the Church body has been taught the Word and has functioned as a well established church. God has provided us with all the resources that we have needed. Moreover, we are blessed to have a devoted pastor, two associate ministers, eleven deacons and various ministries , and through these various ministries, Logos strives to address the needs of our church and community members from the cradle to the grave.

On December 7, 2004, Logos was blessed to be able to purchase 4.7 acres of land on which we plan to build our own place of worship in the not too distance future. Since we opened our doors on April 14th 2002, God has blessed Logos over and over again.

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