Rooted in God's Word!

Young Adult Ministry Mission Statement

The Mission of the Young Adult Ministry shall be to unify the young adults of Logos Baptist Church through the study of God’s word and fellowship and use that bond to provide Christian service to Logos members and the community at large.

Goals and Objectives

1.  To establish and promote unity and a cooperative spirit among the young adults of Logos.

This will be accomplished by planning activities throughout the year to bring the young
adults together in a recreational environment. Such events will include but not be limited
to picnics, going out to eat together, fellowships with YAM’s of other churches, movies,
having social gatherings at each others home, etc.

2. To learn, build, and practice effective leadership skills.

Members of the Young Adult Ministry will take turns conducting the monthly meetings.
They will prepare the agenda as well as the lesson and make sure that the meeting is
conducted according to parliamentary procedures. (Note: We have had Dec. Battle to
come give us a lesson on parliamentary procedures). Additionally, members will be called
upon to head different events as needed.

3. To learn more of God’s word and it’s application and relevance to our daily lives.

Each member taking turns teaching the lessons gives everyone the opportunity to
research  and dig deep in the word as opposed to simply receiving the information. With
repetition, this will become a learned skill that can be applied continuously.
The focuses of the lessons are from a young adult viewpoint; including situations that we
encounter daily.

4. To assist other Logos ministries in their endeavor to render praise, worship, and service.

Involvement in the Young Adult Ministry will foster a sense of inclusion in a group that
often times feels overlooked. This will lead to participation in other ministries at Logos.

YAM members are willing to assist the other ministries as needed. For example we will be on hand to help prepare holiday food baskets, service as chaperones/ transporters for the youth ministry, and in any other capacity where needed.